In our country, Japan, there exist ancient documents that conscientiously record the history of mankind and Earth. These documents are called "The Takenouchi Documents" which I will introduce in this book.


More than 2,000 years ago, the Takenouchi Documents, which were handed down at the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine in Isohara, Ibaragi Prefecture in Japan, were rewritten by Takenouchino Matori (Hegurino Matori) into modern Japanese characters Kana mixed with Chinese characters. The original documents were believed to have been written in Divine characters.


The historical facts recorded in the Takenouchi Documents are extraordinary. Among them are the Sumera-Mikoto who came to Earth from a higher world on Ameno-ukifune. The world government was located in Japan and the Sumera-Mikoto unified the world. The great holy masters of the world, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Shakyamuni Buddha, Confucius and Lao-Tsu were born from the five-coloured races which branched off from the Japanese race and all went to Japan for study and training. These facts may seem absurd and contrary to our prevailing understanding of world history. However, the archeological research of recent years has gradually revealed the true existence of ultra ancient civilizations which are all mentioned in the Takenouchi Documents.


There were times when people had to resign themselves to religious persecution (accusations of blasphemy) if they wanted to come in contact with the Takenouchi Documents. There were also times when the ancestors of the Takenouchi family, the chief priests of the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine, faithfully safeguarded the secret sacred treasures even risking their lives. Thanks to the freedom of speech allowed after World War II, the pursuit of true history has been made possible.


The Takenouchi family is endeavoring to return sacred treasures that have been under their protection to their rightful place, with the lineage of the Sumera-Mikoto. When the Takenouchi Documents are disclosed to the public, the historical world view of today will be totally overturned. Not only present religious and educational institutions, but also the mechanisms of world politics and economy will be fundamentally restructured. This is what world leaders in the past feared, and by denying the existence of the Takenouchi Documents, handed down a false world historical view.


However, a great transitional period in our history is approaching at this very moment. God-like humans who governed Earth in an orderly manner under the Sumera-Mikoto in the far distant past of the divine era are exerting their influence and power to bring about a major reversal of the world by reinstating the Divine era. For that reason, it has become essential to ask the world what the true history of mankind is and reveal the foundation of world peace to all humanity.


Many people may feel repulsed by these ideas. I experienced the same feelings 24 years ago when I began my research on the Takenouchi Documents. After World War II, we were all educated with a strong conviction that the Ten-no [Japanese emperor] was not to engage in the active administration of politics. In fact, when I first came in contact with the Takenouchi Documents, I felt that I had to change my lifestyle in a very fundamental way if the Takenouchi Documents were telling the truth. To prove this, I would have to thoroughly research all the relics and chronicles of Japan and the entire world. But no one could direct me in any way.


Asking my friend would make a fool of me. Then, I had no choice but to ask for Heaven [God] for guidance. I asked the night sky in the direction of Mt. Fuji on a hill near my home: "Is it true what the Takenouchi Documents say? If so, I will devote all my life to prove the documents. If not, I will end up wasting my entire life. Please tell me the truth." Then, a bright golden ball flew towards me and stopped on the top of my head. The ball looked like the golden ball placed on the top of a flagpole. It quietly came down releasing golden powder and clearly told me in a deep voice: "This is the true history. Rest assured in carrying out this research we will protect you from Heaven at all times. If you deviate from the right direction, we will guide you to the right direction." I was filled with joy as if I had acquired millions of supporters. I firmly believe that the one with the deep voice is the intelligent living being from outer space that brought our civilization to Earth.


I was determined to pursue this research no matter what others may say. Since then, I have repeatedly carried out research both in Japan and overseas as if guided by invisible forces, one after another. I have found the evidence to prove the Takenouchi Documents and have been convinced even more of the existence of the true history. This book contains the result of such research and is the first to be published in the world.


I designed the book so that readers would grasp the world history from the Takenouchi Documents, and thus used ample illustrations and diagrams instead of proposing a never-ending intellectual argument. As no other research literature in this field takes such an approach, I feel proud that I found a new paradigm. I sincerely hope that the visual images of these records will recall the memory of ultra-ancient civilizations sleeping deep within your genes.


Only a fraction of the enormous volume of my research is introduced in this book. Many other remarkable truths are within my grasp. I would like to introduce these in Book 2 and Book 3 when an opportunity arises. I look forward to your support.


Wado Kosaka

1st day of Spring, 1995