Greetings From the Founder/President


I am pleased to present Takenouchi Documents, hidden histories of Japan, world and ancient earth, not only to Japanese people but also to the people throughout the world. This is an unconventional history of human beings. In Japan, this book has been published since 1997. My husband, Wado Kosaka who is the author of Takenouchi-documents, had been working on publishing this book in English but he passed away suddenly in October 2002. Two years later, the English edition was completed but no publisher was willing to publish so that it has been dormant. This is the 10th anniversary of his departure. I myself underwent total gastrectomy this year. I heard his voice saying “there is no time to wait any longer. Spread this to the world as soon as possible”. Therefore, I decided to publish this book as an electronic book (e-book).

Three days after my hospital discharge, on March 11th, a massive 9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan and caused a tragedy of tsunami disaster and nuclear power plant crisis. Japan is also the first and only atomic bombed country. This time, people from all over the world are watching the outcome of radiation leaks. Japan, as a world model, has a role of appealing to the world, meanwhile, it has to go through the pain up front. This should evoke the people to the worldwide nuclear ban. This is not the time to fight with each other. The prophecy can be changed if our consciousness changes.

According to Takenouchi-documents, there were countless records of catastrophes this earth went through but they didn’t extinguished human beings. Recognition of the genuine history is the key to peace activities. It's my sincere wish that you read the history of our ancestors descended from space and reconsider the Earth from the universal level.


March 21, 2011

Michiyo Miwa,  founder/president of Association for the Study of Takenouchi Documents


Michiyo Miwa's Profile:

  • Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a B.A in French Literature and encountered the late Mr. Wado Kosaka there.
  • Taught at a Tokyo metropolitan high school for 5 years.
  • Worked for a travel agent and planed, arranged and conducted tours.
  • From 1999, taught at a college in Ghana for 2 years.
  • From 2003, for 4 years, involved in an NGO activity that supports rural areas in Republic of Mali.
  • In 2007, returned to work in travel industry.
  • In 2007, published the Spanish edition of Takenouchi-documents by Wado Kosaka in Mexico.
  • In 2008, reprinted the Japanese edition of Takenouchi-documents by Wado Kosaka from Tokuma Shoten.

Currently, Michiyo is the president of Tabi-Studio CINQ Inc. With her experience of traveling more than 100 countries, she plans and sells tours that mainly cover African countries. Meanwhile, she organizes a study group of Takenouchi-documents and diffuses the history of the Earth to the world from Japan.